Vortex Afternoon….. ?

Vortex Afternoon is the studio project of Danie Nel, recording artist with projects under his own name, as well as Crashtackle, the most recent incarnation of his heavier self, before he decided to start recording and releasing his latest material as Vortex Afternoon.

Vortex Afternoon draws on a myriad of influences, from punk to metalcore, folk to progressive rock, hard-core to blues and anything in between and this melange of flavours gets processed through the vision of the creator into something that is probably best described as guitar driven music, mostly, with elements of…. anything really. Danie often describes himself as a metalhead with a crooner’s voice.

Previously Vortex Afternoon was the name he used to refer to all his musical projects, much like a label, but have since decided to simply keep recording as Vortex Afternoon, except for his Afrikaans material which will still be released as Danie Nel. The name comes from a poem he wrote many years ago as an accompaniment to a 8-bit electronic track he released through the MOD tracking networks at the time.