Vortex Afternoon Launches a debut EP

Vortex Afternoon WAR EP

“WAR” is the debut release of Vortex Afternoon. On 17 May 2019 it hit the digital shelves all over the world, ready to be downloaded, streamed and viewed in music video format.

The release is a culmination of about 3 years’ worth of slow. but steady writing and recording. The 6 of a possible 20 tracks was selected, based on feel, how far they were from done and which ones lent themselves best to the theme that was developing lyrically.

WAR was written, composed and recorded by Danie Nel in its entirety, in his home studio, in Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa.

The main theme of the EP is in fact, war, focusing on the philosophies and political mind games that give rise to war.

The album is an eclectic mashup of styles, giving rise to a post-punk rock sound, given to dynamic changes and musical light and shade.

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