If you have been to my YouTube Channel , you might’ve noticed a playlist, called UNCUT | One Take Unedited Jams, which in the past was mainly cell phone footage of me playing by the fire, or just noodling away.

I have since started to “up” the production value on my channel, and have started doing “proper recordings” of these jams and songs. The recording quality is at such a point that I decided to put out an ongoing and growing album on my Bandcamp page, for free / pay-what-you-want. This “album” will grow as I release new videos and the audio gets uploaded to Bandcamp. It is not so much an “album”, I suppose, as a Bandcamp playlist.

I still wish to maintain a relaxed informal feel, but with good production and a value add to the world out there.

It is somewhat reminiscent to my Danie Nel – “Live to a Mic” album from 2010, which you can get on Jamendo. This song is also on there! Compare to see if I got any better! I recorded that at Streetlevel Studios in Cape Town.

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