A Brand New Single

Vortex Afternoon – Get Away

Ok, actually it is my first stand-alone single as Vortex Afternoon. The EP came out without any singles, but rather just wham! An EP.

This track was part of the process of making the EP, but the vibe didn’t quite fit the EP, and it just felt more like an instrumental than something I wish to sing over, so it kinda just stayed in the “unfinished” folder. Then recently I started making videos for my Danie Nel Photography Youtube Channel and needed some sort of intro to go with the opening sequence. I scrolled through my projects and rediscovered this tune, tentatively called “Police Scanner” back then. The intro to the song worked as an intro tune for my videos and so it got purpose.

I decided to go ahead and just make a video for it so that I could put it up on Youtube and the stock footage I got didn’t really say “Police Scanner”. Rather the vibe of the song and the footage reminded me of getting in my car and just getting away from it all. Driving. And so the song name was thus changed to “Get Away”.

Official Music Video for “Get Away” by Vortex Afternoon

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