I am at work and my workstation is busy rendering a bunch of images (I am a professional photographer by day – and nights often too – at Danie Nel Photography cc). As I am waiting, I am watching Tommy Emmanuel being interviewed by Captain on Andertons Music Co’s Youtube Channel.

Watching Tommy ripping it up on the guitar, it just made me realise how absolutely amazing it is to play an instrument, that is as lo-fi as it gets, that haven’t been “re-invented” in decades, and yet still connects to a little spot, deep in my soul, that I believed God put in there.

When I close my eyes and just let my muscle memory and emotions take over, especially when I am sitting with my 12-string President pictured above, it is like a little telegraph cable that connects me to a better place. I believe it is another connection with God, in my case. I believe I can often get stuff said there that doesn’t happen that well when I try and verbalise it.

In this age of being able to play and record on my PC, phone or whatever at any given moment, it is easy for me to forget to not worry so much about capturing every single new riff I play and record it, but rather to just open myself up to inspiration that flows through me and play and close my eyes and be immersed in music.

Some of the most cathartic experiences I’ve had in my life has been with me sitting, playing, eyes closed and just let things flow. Tears have flown at times as well.

Play an instrument. It is an extra voice. It is a language of its own. Your instrument can be your voice too. Sing. Sing like no-one is around and let rip. It might just be the best time you’ve had all year.

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