New FREE Instrumental Songs

I love making instrumental tracks. I have just released 4 new tracks. 2 as Danie Nel and 2 as Vortex Afternoon, purely for stylistic reasons. These tracks are strictly available on Youtube and Jamendo.

Why is it not on Spotify and the like? In order to get stuff heard on the normal streaming platforms takes a huge amount of effort for a nobody artist like me. The Jamendo algorithms really work well for my music, and also because it is free for personal use, it is more likely to get some ear time which is ultimately the reward I am after. To give that some perspective: I’ve had 2.4 million streams and 101 000 mp3 downloads over the last 10 years! On Spotify it takes me a long long time to get 100 listens.

If you want light, relaxing, chilling and at time progressive music, look no further. Burn it, share it, download it, stream it, drop it in a video… Whatever you wish.

Danie Nel & Vortex Afternoon – Drifting Away
Danie Nel & Vortex Afternoon – Rapid Eye Movement
Danie Nel & Vortex Afternoon – 5 AM

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