Panic! A new single.

I am super chuffed to present a brand new track, that was mainly recorded and produced during this current COVID-19 lockdown.

The song deals with the panic surrounding the disease, and how some are experiencing it. I realise I am in a rather fortunate position, in that I am relatively comfortable in the house we live in, I’m not cooped up in a single room apartment with other people while it is snowing outside. I do however face some serious financial implications, but bigger than these inconveniences I face, are the reality that people face who are dying, losing family members, losing homes or losing their livelihood completely during this time. The message is, we need God!

I also created a “making of” video, called “Creating Panic”. It’s half an hour of how I write and record. Check it out here:

I really enjoyed making this song. It has been described to me as sounding like “Tool” (wow!), being “instrumentally HEAVY” and sounding like “inner Hetfield” wants to come out! Lastly, it was classified as “post-hardcore”.

It is always amazing to hear other’s people take on my music.

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