Love is not the Question released

Vortex Afternoon – Love is not the Question Official Music and Lyric Video

To end of 2021, I am happy to release my third single for 2021, “Love is not the Question”. I have not posted about “Something’s Wrong” yet, that I released in May, but I am still to create a video for it, and will post and market it, once the video is ready.

However, “Love is not the Question” does have a video, and I’m ready to get everyone’s eyes and ears on it.

The song deals with the cancel culture currently attacking our freedoms, and the message is that tolerance cuts both way, and that with cancel culture, freedom is an illusion. We cannot control others, and avoid being victims of control ourselves. Love is the only answer, the only way to listen and to have empathy and understanding. That is the message of this song.

Remember you can download the song on for “pay-what-you-want”, or iTunes or stream it anywhere.

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